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P.G.C Hajenius  Amsterdam, Rokin 96 1012 KZ


Currently we carry top Dutch premium and world famous brands such as Hajenius.
At our shop you can buy a selection of cigars and cigarillos on line from the Netherlands and the Dominican Republic or Cuba,
Search your cigars via our search function in the top right corner of the shop. Premium Dutch cigars have the best Sumatra, Java and Besuki tobacco end fillers are famous.


For Hajenius cigar payments to customers outside The Netherlands we offer also bank wire to our Dutch (ING or RABO) bank accounts, or our bank accounts in the UK, Germany, Sweden. Or divers credit cards. KBC, Mistercash, Belfius and Sofort.


Our Hajenius customers from Pakistan  Bahrain, Oman, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, UAE or Bangladesh can transfer the payment direct to the Bank of Habib in London branch.


Hajenius: Corona Sumatra, Signorina, Panalito, Petit Corona, Panatella, Klaine tuitknak, Tuitknak



Pay your Hajenius cigars quik and easy on-line




Hajenius Web Service has many years of experience in shipping products, national and international. Shipping with Certificates of origin or legal stamped customs declarations are possible for a small surcharge. For EU customers with VAT registration VAT free invoice is provided. VAT registration is connected with the EU database and only possible if the name is corresponding with the registrable VIES database. Brussel





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