You had a question maybe?

Your shop does not show many media, why??

The EU forbids any media, advertising about tobacco. If you see shops blinking with nice pictures, they simply are not playing by the rules.


Why cant i let you ship to my home?

Well: Sales from any tobacco across borders is forbidden ( Regulations May 2017 ) thanks to Brussels


You used to have credit card acceptance....its no longer available?

Your bank, credit card companies, Paypal....and all other idiots will no longer accept payment for tobacco. Read also all about PACTACT.


How long do i need to wait for my parcel??

We have no influences on shippers, but the biggest problem is not the shipper ( or the pick-up companies) The biggest problem is customs, rules and regulations etc. etc. They want no smokers.


My cigarettes and tobacco boxes are changed, why is that?

As of May 2017 onwards, Brussel and Worldwide organisations want to control all what you do with lightning up a smoke. So the parcels  from us can be tracked by Governments, The packs are getting a new collar PER country...and the pack also are traceable as of May 2019.