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Here you can find questions about European or Dutch cigars and cigarillo's. If you can not find the answers you are looking for then send us a message. .

Questions about shortfiller cigars and cigarillo's

What are European cigars?

Popular European Style Dry-Cured cigars. Dry cured cigars go through a special manufacturing process and have a mix blend. they can be stored at normal household temperatures but if doubt you can use simply aluminum foil to wrap the whole box/case in. They have a filler, binder and wrapper. Most are machine made, but some exceptions ( the Olifant ). Some dry cured cigars are available with anisette, rum, and cognac flavor, but then they are almost all cigarillos. Due to several new laws and regulations flavor is a big discussion.

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What is the difference between Dry cured European cigars and Havana?

In short, a cigar is a rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves. They have a 20+ blend mix of several tobacco's.Most desired leaf color for wrappers: Light, Sumatra. All varies by type of tobacco, size f cigars and filtered cigars or cigarillos. Havana cigars are two to four filler leaves, which are rolled into a tube and then enveloped by the binder leaves. Then the wrapper finish the cigar. There is so much more to write about it, but there is information about this item to find if you really want to know more about it.

What is a Corona cigar?

Corona cigars are a famous model in Europe. You will see a range of them here. Half corona is simply a short cigar of the same cigar. They can have different lengths but in general they are equal. You can recognize boxes with names such as Balmoral Corona, Corona Natural, Corona Rivales (Balmoral Dominican Selection) and shows already the size you can expect while seeing the name and description. So the name of Half Corona sample is ???  Balmora Petit Corona, Hoogeboom Half Corona 37, Brasil corona extra long and many more.

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What are German cigar brands?

German has a few popular brands also sold in Holland. Vasco da Gama corona, comes in 4 different taste and is rather neat. All cigars are in a cedar inlay. Dark (Maduro no.2) or light wrapper (Sumatra no.2).Handelsgold is a small cigarillos and has flavor ( apple, vanilla). Then there is Al Capone, comparable with Ritmeester Sweets. Due to restrictions within the EU not all German cigars are offered.

What are cigarilos with filter?

Well: what it says is what you get. There is a filter at the end. As simple as that ?? Yes it is that simple. You can see at the page with cigar samples at the left index what it looks like. Especially the Agio filter Tip, because it differs from the regular filter as known in cigarettes.

How much are small cigarillos?

The cheapest cigars we offer are over stocked and comes from big manufacturers. Why they are cheap? The tax regulations for Premium brands can differ, but also there can be a wrong production roll, slightly damaged wrappers, sun burnings spots at the wrapper and so on. Then there is 100% tobacco, HTL tobacco as binder (Homo-gene Tobacco leaf) and expensive tobacco hard to find. A regular cigarillo in 20 tin is approx 5-7 Euro, however the Davidoff is 15-20 Euro per 20.