Accepting of these internet- terms and sales conditions.

If you select bank transfer GBP, then you need to do the payments yourself.

In the UK you can transfer for the order with the UK bank account number and sort code to our bank in London in GBP.

If you select bank transfer Nederland, then you pay yourselves / wire / transfer/ Euro's to our Dutch bank account (RABO or ING bank).

Inside the Euro zone payments with IBAN is standard and only takes a few days.

There is no direct line to the banks, you have to do this yourself, if you have internet banking, it is easy and fast.

Customer is responsible for importing goods from CWS for all duties, customs fees and taxes.

Check with your government customs department.

Consignee/user will accept these terms by placing the tickle (V) on this internet web shop, and has reached the minimum age of 18.

Customers will be redirected to the shipper in Oslo Norway at the last page of the shop and gives permission to pick up his/her parcel. The services are already paid and is included for every purchase.

No original Cuban Havana cigars, rolling tobacco or cigarettes will be shipped to the US. Read all about it under PACT ACT.

Indication of shipping from Norway:

Due to new transport and EU tobacco regulations parcels and shipping has changed.

We ship worldwide with various shippers. Below info is an indication.

Northern Europe: Sweden, Norway, Finland: 8-10 days

Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy: 8-10 days

Eastern Europe:8-10 days

Overseas Area Mediterranean: p.e. Cyprus: 12-15 days

USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia: 15-18 days

United Kingdom and Ireland depending the weight: 6-10 days. Smaller parcels might be quicker.