The cigars of the city Kampen are very popular

Oud Kampen cigar brands are not all available in the EU

Oud Kampen cigar brands are not all available in the EU

At almost every store in the Netherlands, the cigars from Oud kampen are available. Many tobacconist stores outside the Netherlands do not have the Summa cum Laude cigarillos stocked.

The cigars of the the city Kampen are very popular.

Oud Kampen cigars are fairly light in taste, but still have enough spice. Oud Kampen La Reina Deli sand leaf. Available in boxes and wooden boxes containing 10, 25 or 50 cigars. Oud Kampen used to be not sold everywhere. It was only available at selected tobacco shops. This policy has now also been abandoned and every specialty store can order the cigars. Kampen has traditionally had a large cigar industry. In 1892 there were 35 factories in Kampen. This industry has also been destroyed and transferred to low-wage countries.

Most Oud Kampen cigars are hard to find on-line and increasingly difficult to import.

Oud Kampen cigars are Dutch cigars originated in a small town called Kampen. The most popular are the senoritas, which have a very mild taste. An extensive range of cigars, including klaine cigarillos Elite and La Reina spout knak, can be recognized by the color and logo. The cigars of Oud Kampen have their origin in the Netherlands. Karel van Susante as one of the founders of this pioneering brand, was the first to see the market for unmatted pure tobacco cigars. Due to its history, Kampen cigars are very well known in the Netherlands, although the manufacture has now been transferred to the larger factories.

Oud Kampen Summa Cum Laude is a well-known name for the cigar lover, after all, Kampen is the place where the Dutch cigar industry started. Since the Oud Kampen factory moved elsewhere, only one small-scale manufacturer can be found in the city center of Kampen.